Amour Natural Clary Sage Oil 10ml

Amour Natural Clary Sage Oil 10ml

Brand Name Amour Natural
Product Name Amour Natural Clary Sage Oil 10ml
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A herbaceous sweet aroma. Used as a euphoric, skin-soothing, female-balancing essential oil.

Clary sage essential oil has a herbaceous, heavy, nutty aroma with a subtle fruit undertone. Clary sage oil is a strong, warming and relaxing oil which is calming for nervous tension and head stress and is useful for helping calm down highly agitated states. It is also helpful for a range of female complaints, as well as muscle health and balancing the digestive system. When used on the skin, clary sage is useful for balancing oil secretions and for calming puffy skin. It has been said to be useful for encouraging appropriate hair growth. As clary sage is a very relaxing oil caution is advised during driving. Consumption of alcohol should also be avoided as it can exaggerate the effects of alcohol, and in excess it can cause headaches and nausea. Clary sage oil is distilled from the fresh flowering tops and leaves by steam distillation. Clary sage blends well with most oils, in particular lavender, citronella, grapefruit, geranium, sweet orange, frankincense and lemon.

Suggestions for use: Add 6-10 drops in a bath. Mix 5 drops with water to use in an oil burner. Mix 6-10 drops with hot water as an inhalation. Mix 5 drops per 10ml of carrier oil for massage.

Do not take internally. Keep away from children and eyes. If you pregnant or have a medical condition consult your practitioner before use.