Amour Natural Coconut Oil Light 100ml

Amour Natural Coconut Oil Light 100ml

Brand Name Amour Natural
Product Name Amour Natural Coconut Oil Light 100ml
Product ID AMN-COC100
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A light oil, ideal for softening, soothing and nourishing dry skin. Fractionated to stay liquid at cold temperatures and naturally deodorised.

Coconut oil is a light, non-greasy oil that is easily absorbed. It has softening, soothing and nourishing properties making it ideal for skin, hair and body care. It is particularly good for dry skin and often used in lip balms and hair care products. What is Coconut Oil, Light?

Coconut oil will go solid at room temperature and has a coconut aroma. Coconut oil, Light, is a fractionated coconut oil which makes the oil thinner (even at cooler temperatures), odourless and much easier to use as a carrier oil, for massage and for making body care products with. It also increases the stability of the oil and gives it a much longer shelf life.

Suggestions for use: Warm gently and apply directly on the skin or hair to condition. Mix with other oils for a massage blend. Use as an ingredient to make your own hair, body and face products

Do not take internally. Patch test before use. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.