Instant CalMag-C

Instant CalMag-C

Each bottle provides 40 lemon-flavored Instant CalMag-C doses in a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement with vitamin C that your body can assimilate very rapidly. Unlike pills that can sit in your stomach and not be fully digested, Instant CalMag-C has been formulated with the precise pH balance needed to be absorbed instantly without digestion - you will feel the difference! Each dose contains 290mg calcium gluconate, 145mg magnesium carbonate and 300mg vitamin C. Don't waste money on tablets that contain binders and fillers or the wrong form of calcium that your body cannot break down and absorb. Instant CalMag-C is the great-tasting supplement you drink for immediate absorption and the difference can be felt within minutes.
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Instant CalMag-C – Rapid Absorption and Optimal Mineral Balance Instant CalMag-C is a 2:1 blend of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with added vitamin C to enhance absorption. The balance of minerals in this formula matches the proportion of calcium and magnesium in strong, healthy bones, while the vitamin C in Instant CalMag-C helps to create a precise pH balance that enables rapid absorption without the need for stomach acid. Calcium Carbonate vs. Calcium Gluconate Many calcium supplements are formulated using cheap calcium carbonate, the white, insoluble form of the mineral found in nature as chalk, limestone, marble, and calcite. This is the same form of calcium found in coral calcium and mollusc shells. To absorb calcium carbonate, the body first has to separate the mineral from the carbon atom in a process that requires a certain degree of acidity. This means that calcium carbonate pills have to be taken with food in order for the stomach acid to aid absorption. Instant CalMag-C is formulated with the ideal pH for rapid absorption, no stomach acid required! This means that you do not need to wait to take the supplement with a meal. This highly bioavailable calcium and magnesium supplement is also ideal for anyone with low stomach acid, Celiac’s disease, and other malabsorption issues. Why We Need Calcium and Magnesium Calcium and magnesium play an essential role in over 300 physiological functions in the human body. This means that inadequate levels of these minerals can lead to a wide variety of health issues, including:
  • Insomnia and restlessness
  • Migraines (especially related to premenstrual syndrome)
  • Pain, muscle spasm and joint dysfunction
  • Stress, anxiety, nervousness and hyperactivity
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Poor blood pressure control, and cardiovascular problems
  • Problems with blood-clotting, especially during tooth extraction, childbirth and surgery
  • Fatigue, reduced stamina and malaise.

Calcium and Magnesium – Friend and Foe It’s all very well knowing that we need a good intake of calcium, but in order for us to absorb and use calcium effectively, we need sufficient levels of magnesium. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught in a catch-22 situation as an excess of calcium can actually inhibit magnesium absorption. What’s more, magnesium plays a vital role in the conversion of vitamin D into its active form in the kidneys. As vitamin D is essential for the deposition of calcium in bones, this means that magnesium deficiency can negatively affect calcium metabolism both directly and indirectly. A combined calcium and magnesium supplement that is readily absorbed offers an easy way to ensure that you meet your daily mineral needs. Each 5 gram daily dose of Instant CalMag-C provides 290 mg calcium gluconate, 145 mg magnesium carbonate and 300 mg vitamin C. Not only does vitamin C help to create an ideal pH for easy absorption of these two minerals, it is also an essential nutrient for the production of collagen, the protein that makes up the scaffolding of the bones. So, if you’re under a lot of stress, have a sedentary lifestyle, are concerned about dietary shortfalls, excess alcohol and caffeine intake, or are approaching menopause, Instant CalMag-C offers a simple and delicious way to ensure optimal intake of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.    

• Calcium Gluconate
• Magnesium Carbonate
• Citric Acid (Vitamin C)
• Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
• Lemon Flavor

It does NOT contain any sugar, wheat, yeast, gluten or aspartame and is safe for all ages - from baby to granny! Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Instant CalMag-C and it’s also safe for diabetics.

It’s as easy to make as a cup of tea! Simply add boiling water to one teaspoon in a cup and stir for a few seconds until dissolved. You can drink it straight, add your favorite tea, or chill it with ice and add your favorite unsweetened juice. Don’t add sugar, otherwise you will cancel out some of the benefits.