100% Organic Wild Chaga & Raw Cacao Drink 30g

100% Organic Wild Chaga & Raw Cacao Drink 30g


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Potent Wild Nordic Chaga extract and flavanol-rich Cacao from the Peruvian rainforest creates a bi-cultural melting pot.
Harvested in two hemispheres, from organically certified forests to ensure purity and sustainability and carefully blended to create a pleasant tasting, nutrient dense beverage.
From the icy beech forest of Finnish Lapland and the steamy rainforest of Peru to your cosy kitchen.
Certified organic by the Soil Association.


Ingredient Weight
Organic Raw Cacao (Theobroma cacao) 700mg

Organic Wild Chaga (20:1) (Inonotus obliquus) extract 

Equivalent to 6000mg

providing 24mg Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) 



Stir one teaspoon (1g) into hot water or milk.

One teaspoon (1g) provides: