Higher Nature Alka-Clear 250g powder

Higher Nature Alka-Clear 250g powder

250g powder
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• Provides a rich source of alkalising minerals

• Helps restore the body’s natural alkalinity

• Ideal for people on poor diets, who are stressed, drink alcohol, exercise excessively or who are on medication

• Includes easy-to-use pH test strips to check alkaline balance from the urine

• Use with Herbal SpringClean and Chlorella for complete cleansing programme

• Contains carrageenan

Suggested intake:

Powder: Stir 1 rounded teaspoonful (6g) of Alka-Clear into a glass of water.

Capsules: Take 5-6 capsules with a glass of water.

One rounded teaspoon (6g) typically provides:

58mg Magnesium (carbonate), 626.4mg Sodium (bicarbonate), 1357.2mg Potassium (bicarbonate).