Arkopharma ArkoRoyal Energing Complex 10 Doses

Arkopharma ArkoRoyal Energing Complex 10 Doses

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Arko Royal Energing Complex

Royal jelly is created by worker bees from a mix of honey, bee pollen and enzymes, and secreted from glands on the top of their heads to feed their queen, hence its name. This extraordinary food enables the queen to live up to 40 times longer than other bees.

A rich source of B-vitamins and amino acids and a potent antioxidant, royal jelly is taken by many as a restorative health and beauty tonic.

Arkopharma’s Arko Royal Energing Complex contain a complex of stimulating, invigorating and energizing active ingredients. They are recommended for their booster effect, to recover from after an intense physical effort.

Its energizing formula combines 4 active ingredients for a multiple and synergic action:

INVIGORATING: 1500 mg of Ginseng, whose stimulating properties have been recognized for millenniums.

RECONSTITUTING: 500 mg of Royal Jelly, ideal stimulant for all the family and sportsmen/women.

NATURAL DEFENSES STIMULATING: 100 mg of Propolis, for its ideal properties in winter.

ENERGIZING: 200 mg of Acerola (natural vitamin C), renowned for its tonic action.

Drawing on more than 30 years’ of research and product development, Arko Royal are the market leaders in beehive therapy, and are committed to responsible, organic farming that safeguards and protects the bees.

Available in 15ml vials.

Take one dose per day, in the morning, diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice.