Pharma Nord B-Daddy Male Fertility 60's

Pharma Nord B-Daddy Male Fertility 60's

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Product Name Pharma Nord B-Daddy Male Fertility 60's
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B-Daddy is a new combination nutritional supplement for men, available only from Pharma Nord. B-Daddy is formulated to help maintain healthy sperm formation and normal sperm motility, thereby aiding couples who wish to conceive.

B-Daddy contains selenium and coenzyme Q10 as active constituents, the importance of each of which in normal sperm formation and sperm motility has been well documented in clinical studies. Selenium and coenzyme Q10 are thought to act as antioxidants, protecting sperm from oxidative damage by free radicals, as well as helping to provide sperm with the cellular energy required for their normal function.

What is B-Daddy®?
B-Daddy® is a combination nutritional supplement formulated to improve the likelihood of couples
conceiving. B-Daddy® contains the essential trace element selenium, a component of specific enzymes
that play a key role in normal cell function. B-Daddy® also contains coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like
substance with an essential role in providing cells with the energy they require for normal functioning.

What do you take B-Daddy® for?
B-Daddy® has been formulated to improve the probability of couples conceiving. Infertility is defined by most authorities as the; inability to become pregnant after one year of unprotected intercourse.

Infertility is estimated to affect some 10-15% of couples in the UK, and may result from reproductive problems affecting either the male or female partners, or both. Approximately 50% of the cases of male infertility are linked to problems with sperm quality. Studies have confirmed a continuing decline in sperm quality over the past fifty years, and a combination of lifestyle, environmental and dietary factors have been implicated. These include lack of exercise, cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption, exposure to occupational or environmental toxins such as industrial chemicals or pesticides, adverse effects of prescription drugs, etc.

How does B-Daddy® work?
Selenium is an essential trace mineral that plays a key role in determining semen quality. Individuals in the UK are known to be at risk of selenium deficiency resulting from low intakes in the normal diet, and selenium deficiency has been demonstrated in men with reduced sperm quality. The importance of selenium for maintaining normal sperm production has recently been recognised by the European Food
Safety Agency.

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance that plays a key role in providing all cells within the body with the energy required for normal functioning, including providing sperm with the energy required for normal motility. Dietary deficiency of coenzyme Q10 has been implicated in abnormal sperm motility, and clinical studies have again shown supplementation of coenzyme Q10 in infertile men significantly improves sperm motility.

How much should you take?
Pharma Nord recommend 2 capsules to be taken daily.

Are there any contra-indications?
There are no known contra-indications