Pharma Nord Bio-CLA 150's

Pharma Nord Bio-CLA 150's


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a natural fatty acid that converts within the body into substances that may help regulate the balance of muscle tissue and fat. Bio-CLA are soft capsules containing CLA of the types t10,c12 & c9,t11 in a 1:1 ratio & in the form of easily absorbable free fatty acid.

  • Ingredients: A combination of free fatty acids from vegetable safflower oil with 80% CLA, gelatin, glycerol

This product is suitable for the following requirements:

  • Halal
  • Kosher

    This product is hypoallergenic / does not contain any of the 14 major allergens listed in Annex II (1169/2011) of the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation.

  • Can split into a smaller size?: Yes
  • Quantity: 150
  • Directions: Take 2-4 capsules twice per day.