Nature's Own Calcium Ascorbate Plus Bio 500mg/50mg 100's

Nature's Own Calcium Ascorbate Plus Bio 500mg/50mg 100's

100 tablets
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Are you looking for a high potency Vitamin C (500mg) in a non-acidic form? Then this product may be for you.

This form of vitamin C is less acidic than isolated ascorbic acid and therefore more gentle on the stomach. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is an essential water soluble vitamin that cannot be manufactured by or stored in the body so needs to be replaced on a daily basis. Your daily requirement for it is higher than any other water soluble nutrient. Storing, peeling, freezing and cooking food can deplete the vitamin C content in food.

What does it do?

Helps in the growth and repair of tissue
Helps support healthy skin, bones, tendons and joints
Is involved with iron absorption
Acts as a powerful antioxidant; helps support your immune system and fight infection
Helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels
Is involved in fat metabolism
Made from Calcium Ascorbate, Nature's Own Vitamin C Plus Bioflavonoids also has the added benefit of 50mg of natural bioflavonoids from rose hips. Bioflavonoids naturally accompany vitamin C in fruit and vegetables and they appear to assist in the absorption of vitamin C.
Why might you choose Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) + Bioflavonoids?

If your diet is low in fresh fruit and vegetables
If you are elderly with particular nutritional requirements and consuming institutional catering
If you drink alcohol and smoke regularly
If you have a demanding lifestyle
If you are wanting to maintain normal cholesterol levels
If you are taking aspirin or prescribed drugs like antibiotics
If your work involves strenuous, physical activity
Why Nature's Own?

This product has been formulated to the highest standards of purity and made with your health as the first priority

Is high potency vitamin C
Is non-acidic
Has added bioflavonoids to improve absorption
Is suitable for Vegetarians
Has no known allergic reactions
Nutrient Per tablet %RDA
Vitamin C 500mg 833
(as calcium ascorbate)    
Bioflavonoids 50mg *