EatEnjoy EatEnjoy Balance 20's

EatEnjoy EatEnjoy Balance 20's

Brand Name EatEnjoy
Product Name EatEnjoy EatEnjoy Balance 20's
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EatEnjoy Balance contains a unique blend of 13 different digestive enzymes & Bacillus subtilis - a good bacteria found in the human intestinal tract, that facilitates the consumption of complex foods to support digestion.

  • Ingredients: Enzyme blend PhysioZyme Digestive,  Amylase,  Protease,  Bromelain,  Papain [contains sulphites ],  Glucoamylase,  Alpha Galactosidase,  Lactase,  Acid Stable Protease,  Phytase,  Cellulase,  Lipase,  Hemicellulase,  Pectinase,  DE 111 Bacillus subtilis Contains: sulphites, s oy, wheat and lactose (which is used during the fermentation of enzymes)

This product is suitable for the following requirements:

  • Vegetarian
  • Can split into a smaller size?: No
  • Depth: 6.91
  • Length: 19.4
  • Quantity: 20
  • Width: 6.91
  • Directions: Adults: take one capsule immediately before or during a meal.