Natrol Guarana, 200mg - 90 caps

Natrol Guarana, 200mg - 90 caps

Brand Name Natrol
Product Name Natrol Guarana, 200mg - 90 caps
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End the fatigue and curb your hunger! Try Natrol Guarana (an exotic fruit from the Amazon)!

Natrol Guarana is a concentrated extract from the seeds of the Guarana climbing plant. Guarana is popularly used for weight loss, to enhance athletic performance, as a stimulant, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue. Guarana works by stimulating the central nervous system, heart, and muscles. Guarana is also cleanses the blood and prevents clotting.

Natrol Guarana for Energy:

- Boost your energy level
- Enhance your workout
- Improve your athletic performance
- Reduce physical fatigue

Natrol Guarana for Weight-Loss and Weight-Control:
- Boost metabolism
- Suppress appetite
- Reduce hunger pangs
- Promote weight loss

Natrol Guarana for Mental Performance:

- Increase mental clarity and focus
- Helpful for improving cognitive ability and mood
- Reduce mental fatigue
- Improve alertness

Natrol Guarana for Good Health:

- Cleanses the blood
- Prevents blood clotting
- Stimulate and strengthen the heart

Natrol Guarana offers mental support while suppressing your appetite and boosting your energy level - all in an easy-to-swallow capsule!