Hope's Relief - Cleansing Bar Soap-Free 110g

Hope's Relief - Cleansing Bar Soap-Free 110g

Brand Name Hope's Relief
Product Name Cleansing Bar Soap-Free 110g
Product ID HOPE05-CRE (C5)
Categories: Skin Care
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Hope’s Relief Soap-Free Cleansing Bar is kind enough for the most sensitive of skins. You can enjoy washing without irritating or stripping moisture from your skin.

Gently cleanses and hydrates your skin with natural ingredients.

Moisturises with triple moisturisers.

pH-balanced at 5.5 pH so that moisture isn’t stripped from the skin when cleansing.

Leaves a soft silky feel on the skin.

Perfect for babies, children and adults that have dry sensitive skins.

Everyone can benefit even people with healthy skins. Ideal for everyday cleansing, Hope’s Relief Cleansing Bar is great for:

Children, adults and the precious skin of babies,

People with dry skin, oily skin and healthy skin,

People with skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema rash and baby eczema.

The Hope’s Relief natural skin care range embraces the power of nature’s botanicals for their nourishing benefits. Formulated with natural ingredients to refresh and moisturise your skin, Hope’s Relief Soap-Free Cleansing Bar is enriched with:


Manuka honey NPA 10+

Aloe vera

Hope’s Relief quality natural skin care products are non-toxic and skin-friendly. No nasties! Hope’s Relief skin and scalp care is free from:





Sodium laurel sulphate


Artificial colours

Coal tar


Mineral oil