Good Health Naturally HydroSol Silver Spray 113ml

Good Health Naturally HydroSol Silver Spray 113ml

Brand Name Good Health Naturally
Product Name Good Health Naturally HydroSol Silver Spray 113ml
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The most powerful and cost-effective Hydrosol™ Silver available.

The active ingredient in Hydrosol™ Silver is a unique patented Silver Technology. The gel is a powerful 24 ppm Hydrosol™ Silver, and the spray is 10ppm Hydrosol™ Silver.

Through years of development, Biotech Labs have been able to develop and patent a manufacturing process that created a much more stable and effective silver product.

This new silver technology created an engineered silver nano particle that has proven to be one of the most effective silver products. They were granted manufacturing patents in 2001 and 2004 with numerous patents currently pending.

We believe that American Biotech Labs is the only silver technology company to have ever been invited to testify before a congressional committee on the effectiveness of their products and also the products' potential ability to reduce suffering worldwide.

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Available topically as a 44ml gel and 113ml spray.