Amour Natural Jojoba Oil 500ml

Amour Natural Jojoba Oil 500ml

Brand Name Amour Natural
Product Name Amour Natural Jojoba Oil 500ml
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Jojoba oil is super-hydrating, nutrient dense oil is used to:

• Hydrate dry skin

• Prevent premature aging of the skin

• Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

• As a carrier oil for other skincare ingredients.

Jojoba wax, which is most commonly referred to as jojoba oil, has a molecular structure very similar to human sebum, which is why it is very hydrating for the skin. It replenishes the sebum levels that naturally deplete with age and which results in skin become dry and wrinkled. So regular use of jojoba and other oils and butters can replace this depletion and be ‘anti-aging’. Due to the fatty-acid make up of jojoba oil, it penetrates deep into the layers of skin. And it can take other oils with it, so is great when used as a carrier oil for other ingredients, such as butters, flower waters and essential oils. It is also very stable so can help protect other less-stable ingredients, preventing premature-oxidation of a skincare product.

Do not take internally. Patch test before use. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.