Bionutri Lignan Plus 60's

Bionutri Lignan Plus 60's

60 capsules
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Lignan Plus is a food supplement that provides dietary lignans from linseed along with a combination of Limonene, Red Clover and Probiotics.

Lignans are widely distributed in plant material and form a normal part of our everyday diet, but flax (linseed) is by far the best known food source, providing around 100 times more than any other plant material.

Each capsule of Lignan Plus provides as much Lignan as around 2 tablespoons of whole Linseeds (Linseed Oil does not contain Lignans).

Limonene occurs naturally in the oils of a variety of fruits and spices.

Red Clover is a food that is a natural source of Isoflavones

L. bulgaricus and L. plantarum are live bacteria, often referred to as probiotic bacteria.

Nutrition Information

1 capsule (recommended daily intake) provides


Suitable for vegetarians and vegans