SAN NA-R-ALA, 125mg - 60 caps

SAN NA-R-ALA, 125mg - 60 caps

Brand Name SAN
Product Name SAN NA-R-ALA, 125mg - 60 caps
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The antioxidant effects of the R isomer of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) are well known to be more effective than the synthetic form of ALA, and the sodium salt (NA) version is the most stable and bioavailable form, even more so than potassium R-ALA.

NA-R-ALA is Biosolv-enhanced and fully water soluble as a result, which means that it is completely absorbed and utilized, and it can easily pass through cell membranes.

NA-R-ALA is a powerful and versatile antioxidant, helping to protect the mitochondria of cells from damage. This means it may help reduce free radicals.

The nutrient-partitioning effect ofNA-R-ALA makes it an advanced glucose disposal agent that helps maintain beneficial blood sugar levels in healthy individuals. While this sodium salt version is the most beneficial form of ALA available, the sodium content is less than 1% of the daily value, making it low enough that it will not affect blood pressure levels.

NA-R-ALA is a powerful and easily absorbable free radical scavenger with advanced nutrient partitioning.

Enhanced nutrient partitioning
Antioxidant support
Advanced glucose disposal agent
The most stable and bioavailable form of RLA
Biosolv-enhanced for the best possible absorption rate