The Organic Protein Company Organic Whey Protein - 400g

The Organic Protein Company Organic Whey Protein - 400g

Brand Name The Organic Protein Company
Product Name The Organic Protein Company Organic Whey Protein - 400g
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The welfare of cows is at the heart of everything we do. Our organic whey is carefully sourced from small organic family farms in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Northern Germany, which has a particularly long grazing season. The cows here are completely pasture based, feeding on grass all year round. During the winter months they're still given full freedom to roam outdoors, weather permitting of course! Surely they must only be fed grain during the winter, right? Nope, even during winter they're fed grass and other organic plant material in the form of haylage...basically the same as what the cows graze on during the spring and summer, only in dried form. Year round the cows' grass based diet is supplemented with a small amount of organic grain to ensure the milk they produce contains healthy levels of protein.


Having gently filtered our organic whey to gently remove most of the fat and lactose, it would seem a shame to then add a load of unnecessary ingredients to such a pure and naturally tasty product. So we haven’t. Makes perfect sense really.

It’s not just flavourings and sweeteners you’ll be avoiding here. Most whey protein powders contain soy lecithin, a substance extracted from the soya bean that helps it mix more easily with water. The majority of people we’ve spoken with were happy for us to leave out this ingredient as our organic whey protein mixes very well in a blender without it.

As for GM, our cows are fed no such nonsense. They eat only fresh organic grass out in the fields and a small amount of organic non GM grain. Another great benefit of using no additives is it’s a whole lot easier to avoid GM ingredients too, so with no effort at all there’s not a sniff of GM in sight!

Every batch is tested to ensure no gluten has managed to sneak its way in, so for those with a gluten intolerance, rest assured it's completely gluten free.

In addition to our policy of only working with farmers who truly care about their cows, we're giving 25p to Compassion In World Farming for every pouch of organic whey protein you buy. This money goes towards helping improve the welfare of cows and other farm animals in the UK and around the world.


We work closely with our farmers and cheese makers, so we're able to keep track of exactly where our whey comes from. This is helped along by the rigorous organic procedures in place, ensuring each stage is thoroughly documented and therefore a lot easier to keep track of.


All our cheese makers use vegetarian rennet when making their organic cheeses, therefore every batch of organic whey is suitable for vegetarians. Why use animal-based rennet when there’s a perfectly good vegetarian option? There’s no reason to, it’s as simple as that really.