Patrick Holford - Immune C High Strength Powder 100g (Currently Unavailable)

Patrick Holford - Immune C High Strength Powder 100g (Currently Unavailable)

Brand Name Patrick Holford
Product Name Immune C High Strength Powder 100g (Currently Unavailable)
Product ID PH-S060
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ImmuneC® High Strength is a potent powder providing a tasty, sugar-free acid/alkaline balanced vitamin C powder, flavoured with black elderberry and ginger.

Zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and manganese ascorbate, deliver significant amounts of immune friendly minerals with frequent use.

The powder can be diluted in water and gives flexibility on amount within the recommended intake directions. One teaspoon provides 4 grams of pH balanced vitamin C for healthy digestion. Naturally flavoured with black elderberry, famous for its role in supporting immune response, and ginger. This perfect formula, designed by Patrick Holford, is ideal for rapid recovery.


-          Amount half tsp (3g powder)  -  Amount 1 tsp (6g powder)

Vitamin C  - 2200mg -  4400mg

From: Ascorbic acid   - 1100mg - 2200mg

Mineral ascorbates - 1100mg  - 2200mg


Magnesium - 60mg - 120mg

Potassium - 50mg - 100mg

Calcium - 45mg - 90mg

Zinc - 2mg - 4mg

Manganese - 0.8mg - 1.6mg


One scoop (approx 1/2 a teaspoon) mixed into water and taken three times a day just before or with main meals, or as professionally directed.

No Allergens

If you are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor before use. Amounts greater than 1000mg of vitamin C daily may cause mild stomach upset in sensitive individuals.