Weleda Pine Reviving Bath Milk 200ml

Weleda Pine Reviving Bath Milk 200ml

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Weleda Pine Invigorating Bath Milk
CTFA (INCI): Water (Aqua); Potassium Olivate; Silver Fir (Abies Alba) Oil; Siberian (Abies Sibirica) Oil.
- non-foaming bath milk
- invigorating and refreshing
- relieves tired and taut muscles
- helps overcome the effects of cold, damp weather
- dispels the worries of the day
- refreshes mind and body
- the finely emulsified essential oils affect both the body and the senses
- no fuss no mess, no oily residues on bath or body
- economical in use; sufficient for up to twenty baths
- suitable for all the family
- suitable for vegetarians

Everyone looking for the body care equivalent of Arnica! Those who simply appreciate the fragrance.

Directions for use:

When? Use any time of day; particularly recommended during the winter months

How? Shake the bottle before use. Pour 2 - 3 capfuls into the running water to disperse. A water temperature of 37C / 98F is recommended. Do not bathe longer than 20minutes. After bathing, dry the body gently, cover with a soft towel and ideally relax for at least half an hour in warm surroundings.

Use 1 capful to a foot-bath or basin, agitate water with the hand to mix the milk. In the shower or as a quick freshener, use a few drops on a moist cloth.

To refresh a room, add a few drops to a small bowl of warm water