Dr Mercola Probiotic Packs 30's

Dr Mercola Probiotic Packs 30's

30 sachets per pack
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Now in convenient single dose packets, Probiotic Packs are easier to take than ever before! Just open the packet and swallow! The packets are travel ready, so you can safely take them wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Probiotic Packs have two highly-researched strains of beneficial bacteria -- Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Plus, it adds multiple highly beneficial strains to give added support to your digestive system.

Each power-packed dose of Probiotic Packs:

Packs 66 billion "gut-friendly" bacteria

Promotes an optimal environment for the growth of good bacteria

Provides critical support for your immune system health

Aids in the breakdown and removal of harmful toxins

Helps maintain blood pressure levels in the normal range