Higher Nature St John's Wort Mood Uplift 30's

Higher Nature St John's Wort Mood Uplift 30's

Brand Name Higher Nature
Product Name Higher Nature St John's Wort Mood Uplift 30's
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Discover St John’s Wort Mood Uplift, a traditional remedy to help lift a slightly low mood or relieve mild anxiety. This all-natural formula is made from the flower St John’s Wort and bolstered by hypericins, hyperforin and flavonoids, all of which contribute to the herb’s effectiveness. Often taken to fend off winter blues or help instil a sense of calm during stressful times, St John’s Wort offers non-addictive, natural relief when you need it most.


Take 1 tablet daily (adults and elderly).

One tablet typically provides:

425mg St John’s Wort extract (3.5-6:1) (equivalent to 1490-2550mg aerial parts).


Do not use if under 18 years, pregnant, breastfeeding, diagnosed with depression, think you may be depressed, having light treatment (phototherapy), using a sunbed/solarium, your skin is exceptionally sensitive to sunlight (photosensitive), about to undergo surgery, or taking hormonal contraceptives or certain medicines (prescribed/non-prescribed). Not available in Ireland.