PureCoCandles Stress Relief 300ml

PureCoCandles Stress Relief 300ml

Brand Name PureCoCandles
Product Name PureCoCandles Stress Relief 300ml
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With top notes of Rosemary and Eucalyptus which can have positive effects on the brain, and help during those times you're feeling fatigued.

PureCo Candles are made with soy wax which is 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable. 

To get the best out of your candle, let the first burn melt completely across the candle.  Keep the wick trimmed to 1cm at all times, and make sure you burn your candle on a flat surface that won't be damaged by heat.

To reuse your glass jar after you've finished with your candle and all the wax has burned away, a quick soak and wash with hot soapy water will leave your jar all sparkly clean and ready for a new purpose.