Nutramedix Burbur-Pinella (Detox) 60ml

Nutramedix Burbur-Pinella (Detox) 60ml

Brand Name Nutramedix
Product Name Nutramedix Burbur-Pinella (Detox) 60ml
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Categories: Cleanse and Detox
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Burbur is an extract produced from the leaves of Desmodium molliculum (Manayupa), a plant found at altitudes of between 3,300 – 11,400 feet above sea level in the Peruvian Andes. Pinella is an extract derived from the bark of Pimpinella anisum - commonly known as Anise. Anise is a flowering plant that is native to the Mediterranean and Asia.

Ingredients :
Pinella ( Pimpinella anisum ) bark extract (26 :1)
Extract of Manayupa leaf ( Desmodium molliculum ) (16:1)

Other ingredients:
Mineral water
Gluten free ethanol: 20-24% vol

None Known

Side Effects
None reported at the recommended dosage

Recommended dosage
Take 10 drops in ½ glass of water several times per day as needed.
For short periods, Burbur-Pinella may be used every 10 minutes for up to 2 hours

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Do not use if pregnant or nursing


60ml liquid