Please note: Natren Friendly Bacteria is kept in refrigerated storage and shipped from the UK to guarantee potency.

The survivability of Natren's beneficial bacteria through the stomach's gastric juices has been validated through third party testing by an internationally acclaimed European institute. The protective oil matrix delivery system results in virtually 100% survivability for over an hour in corrosive stomach acid, of the three beneficial bacteria found in Natren's Healthy Trinity.

Due to the uncontrolled competition between strains, the composition of multi-strain products changes continually. You don't know if you're getting the same mix of microorganisms from batch to batch, or that were used in the clinical trials. It should be the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that each time you buy the product, you are getting the same mix. That's why Natren only uses a maximum of three organisms from safe and vigorously studied and tested species that have been used for decades.

All Natren products are cold chain shipped to UK & European destinations.

Natren has been researching the effects of beneficial bacteria since 1982, transferring that learning into new supplements and technology in their state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade facility.

Natren's in-house CFU potency testing is audited by the FDA and the TGA, an international government agency that ensures cGMP compliance. Health Canada also conducts routine random potency verification.

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