Amour Natural – A More Natural Way to Support Good Health

Amour Natural – A More Natural Way to Support Good Health

Since 2012, Amour Natural have been providing high-quality, therapeutic grade products for aromatherapy and body care. Based in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, Amour Natural specialise in essential oils, carrier oils, specialist oils, butters, waters and other aromatherapy and body care products. Their extensive and versatile range makes Amour Natural the natural choice for therapists, enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Just a few of the things you won’t find in Amour Naturals products include:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS and SLES)
  • Parabens
  • Mineral oils (petroleum derivatives)
  • Genetically modified organisms
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Polyethylene glycols (PEGs, petroleum-based compounds).

Why do Amour Natural care about keeping these things out of their products? Well, SLS and SLES are known irritants, parabens can disrupt hormones and affect growth and development, and PEGs can contain known carcinogens ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane for a start (R).

Understandably, then, for a company that prides itself on supporting health and wellbeing, there’s no place in their essential oils and other products for anything but the most natural, safe, effective, and highest quality raw ingredients. Amour Natural offer a wide range of certified organic products, and their essential oils are always therapeutic grade, meaning that you don’t need to worry if the oil is a true extract or a synthetic product.

Synthetic ‘essential oils’ are a widespread problem in the aromatherapy and body care industry, as are poor extraction processes, imprecise labelling, and inappropriate handling and storage of natural oils. Thankfully, Amour Natural products do not contain any solvents or synthetic ingredients, are never tested on animals, and are produced using minimum heat and no chemicals, so as to maintain their active ingredients.

Amour Natural’s products go through a rigorous screening and testing process to ensure maximum potency and freedom from microbial contamination. For an added layer of protection, they maintain certificates of analysis and Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) for their products.

As should be the case with any essential oil, Amour Natural provide all liquids in amber glass bottles with tamper-evident dropper caps to protect against light and interference. Some products have pipettes or spritz caps for ease of use, and all are stored in quality packaging to protect against premature deterioration. Going that step further, Amour Natural strive to use recycled and/or recyclable packaging wherever possible, and also source raw ingredients from local UK suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices.

Whether you’re new to aromatherapy, diving back in for a specific health need, or are a seasoned practitioner, Amour Natural very likely have what you need. They offer hundreds of products in various sizes to suit a variety of needs and budgets and even offer premium stainless steel aromatherapy pendants with five reusable non-toxic felt pads so you can wear your favourite essential oil while you’re out and about.