Crush it, Cut it, Cook it — release the Allicin!

Crush it, Cut it, Cook it — release the Allicin!

Garlic has long been prized for its impressive ability to support human health. These unassuming cloves are rarely out of the headlines, thanks to studies looking at how garlic can support immune function, liver health, cardiovascular function, and protect against microbial infections, among other things. One common factor in these studies is the compound found in garlic to which these benefits are attributed: allicin.

The chemical name for allicin is diallylthiosulfinate, and this reactive sulfur compound is produced by garlic in response to tissue damage. Allicin is fragrant and flavourful but is destroyed or changed to one degree or another by cooking and by time. This is why we are taught to crush or chop garlic a few minutes in advance when cooking with the cloves, so as to allow the compound to develop and maximise flavour, but not so long beforehand as to give the allicin time to change into other sulfur compounds known as thiosulphinates.

The amount of allicin we ingest and absorb from garlic, even when raw and crushed, is far lower than that available in a high-quality supplement such as those from Allimed. This company offers garlic’s key compound in spray, liquid, capsule and cream forms to support almost every aspect of good health.

Allimed’s line of premium quality garlic supplements deliver pure stabilised Allisure® AC-23 extracted from fresh, raw garlic using a crushing, filtration, and temperature-controlled extraction process that dissolves pure allicin in water. This proprietary process stabilises and concentrates the allicin, meaning that the days of taking half a dozen garlic tablets and hoping they have an effect are long gone.

Stabilising the allicin is a key development in the history of garlic supplements, based on research demonstrating that this compound is responsible for the many health benefits attributed to garlic. Other garlic supplements do not necessarily contain any allicin. That’s right. While these supplements do contain garlic, they rely on your body digesting and metabolising the garlic to create allicin, rather than providing it for you.

In essence, there’s little difference between popping most garlic pills and eating a piece of garlic clove. In fact, garlic oil supplements are processed in such a way that much of the allicin or allicin potential is destroyed before it even reaches the customer.

This is why Allimed products shine. They don’t rely on your body having the optimal conditions to create allicin from garlic – they provide readymade allicin that is easily absorbed and used by the body! You no longer have to wonder at the conversion rate of garlic pills to allicin. Allimed products have a 100% allicin yield.

Each Allimed® capsule contains 450 mg of stabilised allicin (Allisure) in a base of non-GM maltodextrin. The plant-based capsule shell makes this garlic supplement suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and the product is free from parabens, artificial colouring and flavours, salt, gluten, and preservatives. Take up to three a day to address specific health conditions, or one a day as a maintenance dose. The Allimed® 100 capsule pack provides a month's supply of stabilised allicin.

Allimed liquid is also available for those who dislike or have trouble swallowing capsules, including for children aged 7 and older. Start with 1 mL per day and increase to 3 x 5 mL if appropriate.

If you’re in need of targeted allicin, for a fungal skin infection, say, try Allimed® Gel. This convenient product offers stabilised allicin in an aloe vera base gel, which is easily applied and doesn’t block pores. Or, try the Allimed® Spray, which comes with a convenient spray head for directing a fine mist of stabilised allicin liquid wherever it is needed. Use as often as required, such as for blasting a nasty cold and sore throat, for psoriasis, threadworms, cold sores, and even for thrush.

Allimed has one other advantage we should mention: these products do not contain the same polysaccharides found in garlic itself. This is why Allimed is ideal for anyone with gastrointestinal symptoms related to FODMAPs, the prebiotic fibres found in numerous foods. So, if you’ve always wanted to access the health benefits of garlic, but FODMAPs have been holding you back, try Allimed!