MycoNutri Mushrooms

MycoNutri Mushrooms

MycoNutri are a company unafraid of shaking things up when needed. They are dedicated to offering the finest mushroom products, based on the latest scientific research, for optimum supplementation. No surprise, then, that MycoNutri have been hard at work obtaining organic certification for many products that have long used organic ingredients but lacked official organic status. Most of the MycoNutri product range is now certified organic and maltodextrin-free as well as being more highly concentrated than ever before!

There are a handful of exceptions in the MycoNutri range, mainly due to a lack of certified organic raw materials in some of the combination formulas featuring non-mushroom extracts such as Red Yeast Rice and Coenzyme Q10. Antrodia and Mesima are also not labeled as organic because organic certification isn’t currently available for the correct species of fungi for these products. MycoNutri continue to offer a more affordable non-organic certified Reishi option alongside their organic product, so that everyone who wants to can access the incredible benefits of this important immune-boosting mushroom.

MycoNutri know that every mushroom is unique, making every product unique too. Their current line-up of products includes 12 single mushroom supplements and 5 blends, all made with the highest quality raw ingredients from leading mycologists around the world. These products are formulated to provide the full health benefits of each variety of mushroom, ensuring that natural polysaccharides and other health-promoting nutrients are not lost through processing.

The team at MycoNutri know their mushrooms. This means that they’re careful to include mycelial biomass in their Cordyceps products as many of the beneficial compounds in this type of mushroom are present in this biomass rather than in the cells of the mushroom itself. In other fungi, such as Mesima, beta-glucans and proteoglycans (the polysaccharides that support immune function) are not present in high levels in the mycelial biomass, so the company ‘tops up’ these with polysaccharide-rich hot-water extracts.

Other fungi are offered as extracts, based on traditional use and modern scientific analysis showing which compounds are likely responsible for the benefits associated with these varietals. Reishi and Chaga, for instance, are thought to support good health in part because of triterpenoid and other phenolic compounds that are best absorbed through decoctions, teas, and extracts.

This careful balancing of fruiting bodies, mycelial biomass, and purified beta-glucan demonstrates the knowledge and experience of the MycoNutri team. By understanding the different active compounds in each variety of mushroom, MycoNutri have developed specially formulated mushroom nutrition products including PS-7, a mushroom polysaccharide extract combination; IS Complex, combining mushroom polysaccharides with Cordyceps mycelia biomass, vitamin C, and green tea extract; and Red Yeast Rice Complex, with standardised Monascus purpureus with Shiitake mushroom and CoQ10 to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Other formulas include the Reishi-Cordyceps Complex and Reishi-Curcumin Complex, the latter featuring extracts of Reishi, Turmeric, Boswellia and Devil’s Claw for anti-inflammatory support.

For MycoNutri’s Mesima formula, Phellinus linteus mushrooms are grown in the USA using a sterile grain-based substrate optimised for mycelial production. The resulting biomass contains a full spectrum of the active metabolites from the mycelium and young fruiting body of the mushroom. These metabolites include beta-glucans and other intra- and extra-cellular polysaccharides, antimicrobial compounds, phytosterols (including ergosterol or provitamin D2), proteoglycans, proteins, lipids and flavonoids. For additional support, the mycelial biomass is blended with a concentrated hot-water extract containing high levels of polysaccharides. The resulting formula provides 30% polysaccharides and is available as vegetarian capsules and in powder form.