Solgar – The Gold Standard in Natural Health Products

Solgar – The Gold Standard in Natural Health Products

Few companies can claim to have supported great health for more than 70 years, but Solgar sure can. Established on the East Side of Manhattan in 1947, Solgar have long been the driving force behind innovation in the natural products industry. Their familiar gold labels are synonymous with the gold standard for quality, offering reassurance that every capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid contains nothing but the best ingredients to support your health and the health of your whole family.

Naturally, you'd expect nothing less from a company founded by two pharmacists and a holistic physician: Nat Colby, Mike Goldfarb, and Carl Zoll. Way back when there were still vitamins yet to be discovered, these entrepreneurs had the wild idea that it is better to prevent diseases with good nutrition than to simply treat them and mask symptoms with pharmaceuticals. This shared belief led to the development of the first high potency natural multivitamin and mineral formula in 1947, as well as the first multivitamin with chelated minerals (VM75), and the first multi with amino acids (VM200).

Solgar have also been industry pioneers when it comes to developing formulas free from sugar, salt and starch, as well as artificial preservatives, flavours and colours. They developed the world's first all vegetarian capsule in 1993, offer Halal- and Kosher-certified products, and launched their Earthsource multi as far back as 1991, long before the current trend for multivitamins with wholefood concentrates and probiotics. In fact, if you think of any big leap or trend in the natural products industry, chances are that Solgar had a hand in it. Shelf-stable, gastric acid resistant probiotics? Check! Solgar launched Advanced Acidophilus in 2001. Bioavailable coenzyme Q10? Check! Solgar's Nutri-Nano CoQ10 was available more than a decade ago. And they're still innovating, having launched their award-winning Full Spectrum Curcumin in 2015, for advanced support for cognitive and cardiovascular health.

Excellence in Quality Control and Manufacturing

Solgar also introduced standardised herbal extracts, something we now take for granted. They launched their Standardised Full Potency (SFP) Herbs in 1995, representing the first herbal range to provide scientifically proven standardised actives. This shouldn't be surprising, given that the Research & Development department at Solgar is led by experts committed to creating science-based formulas that offer the best possible support for your health.

To promote ongoing advancements in the industry, Solgar regularly donate both funding and products to clinical studies. They also go above and beyond in terms of manufacturing practice (as exemplified by their state-of-the-art USP reverse osmosis water purification system), helping to drive up standards industry-wide. And, of course, they provide all their products in high quality amber glass bottles that are 100% recyclable, non-leaching, non-porous, and odourless, helping to protect against heat, light, and moisture to preserve the potency of every product.

Solgar's commitment to natural health doesn't end with their product development and manufacturing, though. In 1995 they introduced the industry's first nutritional resource on the internet -, where you can still find up-to-date information on natural products to support any aspect of your health. So, if you're curious about curcumin, or have a question about how supplements work, you can get in touch with the nutritional experts at Solgar. They're happy to answer your questions, however technical, by phone, mail, or email, and LifestyleVitamins are happy to welcome Solgar to our family of trusted brands!