New Seagreens Product Range – Seagreens Organic Seaweed

New Seagreens Product Range – Seagreens Organic Seaweed

We a pleased to announce the Seagreens® seaweed product range has been added to our online store and Lifestyle Vitamins, are now an official Retail Partner with Seagreens®.

Here at Lifestyle Vitamins, we look to find the highest quality supplements to add to our growing range of products and the Seagreens® organic seaweed range matches this criteria. At Seagreens® they look to produce seaweed products of the finest ingredients but at the same time taking care of the environment, which makes us proud to add their range to our online store. The organic seaweed products include food supplements for general health or combating conditions, as well as food condiments, cooking ingredients, mineral bath sachets and even supplements for your pet’s health.

Because we believe in this seaweed product range and its quality, Lifestyle Vitamins have become a proud Seagreens Retail Partner and we offer worldwide distribution of their seaweed products.

Seaweed in clear saltwaters

About Seagreens® Organic Seaweed

Seagreens® are wrack seaweeds, the product of human food quality standard and sustainable harvesting . Of all the world’s seaweeds, the family of brown seaweeds are nutritionally outstanding. Among these, the wrack seaweeds have the most balanced and comprehensive profile of nutrients – a complete food.

The wild seaweeds are cut in crystal clear waters among the beautiful islands of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Only nutritious, living plants are harvested for human consumption – no drifting, beached or root seaweed, no sand or crustacea.