Aqua Oleum - Petitgrain 10ml

Aqua Oleum - Petitgrain 10ml

Brand Name Aqua Oleum
Product Name Petitgrain 10ml
Categories: Aqua Oleum, Skin Care
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Petitgrain Oil (South American)

Botanical Name:  Citrus Aurantium var amara

Origin:  Paraguay

Extraction: The leaves and twigs along with spent blossoms/fruits are steam-distilled

Note:  A valuable skin care oil having a toning and cleansing effect.  May be used direct as a light perfume.


Petitgrain Oil is derived from the Bitter Orange Tree. This tree is unique in producing three major essential oils, but in three different continents (Bitter Orange Oil from Africa, Petitgrain Oil from Paraguay and Neroli / Orange blossom from Tunisia)