Archturus Psyllium Husks (Powdered) 340g

Archturus Psyllium Husks (Powdered) 340g

Brand Name Archturus
Product Name Archturus Psyllium Husks (Powdered) 340g
Product ID ARC-H0902V
Categories: Dieting Support
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Psyllium (Plantago) is a very gentle fibre which can be used in conjunction with Loosemore Herbs as part of a bowel cleansing programme or on its own to normalise bowel movements. Recent research studies point to a cholesterol reduction attributed to a diet that includes dietary fiber such as psyllium. Psyllium fibre is also believed to act as a pre-biotic, feeding beneficial bowel flora.

Active Ingredients

100% Psyllium husks

Dosage Instructions

It is important to drink at least 2 glasses of water per tsp of powder or 6 capsules