Bio-Health Pep-Thyme 60's

Bio-Health Pep-Thyme 60's

Brand Name Bio-Health
Product Name Bio-Health Pep-Thyme 60's
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Pollution is a current problem in towns and cities around the world. Governments and local councils are rightly concerned about the growing problem and considering ways to curb vehicle emissions and various air pollutants. As a result of pollution a growing number of people are experiencing breathing problems and respiratory conditions attributed to the growing issue of contaminated air.

PEP-THYME is a new product made from aromatic herbs that naturally contain volatile oils (Thymol and Menthol) known to aid easy breathing.

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule taken 3 x daily with water. Capsules can be emptied and hot water poured on to make a drink if preferred.


Type 1 capsules provides
Peppermint Leaf BP 220mg
Thyme Herb 140mg
Peppermint Oil BP 5mg