Cleanmarine - Cardio 40+ 60's

Cleanmarine - Cardio 40+ 60's

Brand Name Cleanmarine
Product Name Cardio 40+ 60's
Product ID NOV15-SAV
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Cleanmarine® Cardio 40+ is a nutritious blend of Omega 3 EPA and DHA, combined with organic Turmeric root extract, Vitamins K2, B6 and B12. This unique blend of premium ingredients offers a comprehensive range of nutrients tailored specifically to support heart health.

The EPA and DHA in Cardio 40+ can contribute to the normal function of the heart. Also, in Krill Oil, the Omega 3 is contained in phospholipid form which is more available to the body. Vitamins B6 and B12 contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism.

• Supports heart function

• High quality EPA and DHA

• With turmeric and vitamin K2

• Supports normal homocysteine


Take 2 capsules daily with water.

Do not exceed recommended daily intake.


Euphausia superba 350mg (Krill Oil, 39%,

Crustacean), softgel capsule (fish gelatine, bulking agent:

glycerine, thickening agent: sorbitol, ferrous oxide), Algal

oil, Organic Turmeric root extract, Vitamin K2, Pyriodoxine

Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12).

Supplement Facts Serving size: 2 Capsules

Amount per serving

Krill Oil 700mg

Algal Oil 362mg

Total Fat 1g

of which:

Phospholipids (Omega 3 rich)


Omega 3 Fatty Acids 300mg

of which:

EPA 87mg

DHA** 178.5mg

Vitamin K2 100μg

Turmeric Root Extract 100mg

Vitamin B6 1.4mg (100% RI*)

Vitamin B12 2.5μg (100% RI*)

* Reference Intake

**DHA 38.5mg from Krill Oil & 140mg from Algal Oil