Cytoplan - Dentavital CoQ10 Multi 60's

Cytoplan - Dentavital CoQ10 Multi 60's

Brand Name Cytoplan
Product Name Dentavital CoQ10 Multi 60's
Product ID CY-8018
Categories: Cytoplan, Immune Support, Multivitamins and Minerals
Format Capsules
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A comprehensive wholefood multivitamin and mineral formula incorporating antioxidant CoQ10, beta glucan for immune support, and good all-round vitamin and mineral levels including optimal levels of vitamin D3 & vitamin B12.
  • Ingredients: Capsule shell (vegetable cellulose); beta 1-3, 1-6 glucan (saccharomyces cerevisiae); co-enzyme Q10 (ubiquinol); hydroponically-grown cruciferous vegetable (Brassica Juncea) providing: zinc, iron, manganese, copper, selenium, chromium and molybdenum; fruit & vegetable powder blend (carrot, spirulina, alfalfa, artichoke leaf, beetroot, acai berry, acerola) incorporating: vitamin C; vitamin E; pantothenic acid; niacin; beta carotene; PABA; thiamin; pyridoxine; 5 phosphate; Lichen providing vitamin D3; riboflavin; vitamin K2 (MK-7); vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin; vitamin B12 as adenosylcobalamin; folic acid as L-methylfolate and biotin, magnesium citrate, boron and iodine.

This product is suitable for the following requirements:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

    This product is hypoallergenic / does not contain any of the 14 major allergens listed in Annex II (1169/2011) of the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation.

  • Format: Capsules
  • Length: 23.3 mm
  • Quantity: 60
  • Width: 8.53 mm
  • Directions: 1-2 capsules daily with food taken early in the day, or as directed by your practitioner. If the patient has not taken supplements before and has been recommended to take 2 capsules per day, we suggest they start with 1 a day and increase to 2 per day after 7-10 days.
  • Certified Glutenfree
  • Certified Vegan
  • Certified Vegetarian
  • Vegan