Dr Mercola Peppermint Conditioner For Dogs (Organic) 237ml

Dr Mercola Peppermint Conditioner For Dogs (Organic) 237ml


Organic Peppermint Conditioner makes it easier to manage your dog's hair – especially suitable for long haired and double coated breeds. This will moisturize and condition with oils and herbals.

Organic Peppermint Coat Conditioner contains the same ingredients as Dr. Mercola shampoos do, plus two additional products from nature – to help promote a beautiful coat of hair for your dog:

Organic Shea Butter – An all-natural vitamin A cream from West Central Africa, grown in the wild without pesticides. Highly regarded as a superior, skin moisturizer, that revitalizes and softens skin and hair. Known to eliminate odors.

Organic Olive Oil – Has long been considered a "beauty oil". Softens and moisturizes skin and hair. Adds shine to hair.

You can be confident Organic Peppermint Conditioner contains the best organic ingredients – compliments of nature – to bring your dog a beautiful, luxurious coat of hair.