Finibus Terrae Hand Cream 100ml

Finibus Terrae Hand Cream 100ml


Finibus Terrae Hand Cream is a rich formulation which brings nourishment and wellbeing to the skin on the hands.

Rich in valuable nourishing ingredients, it protects the skin from wind and environmental agents and contributing to the epithelialization of the damaged skin. It softens callosities, deeply moisturizes without oiling and gives elasticity to the skin.

Thanks to the vegetable oils and butters, rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins, Finibus Terrae Hand Cream deeply nourishes the skin and helps making the skin smooth and elastic, removing the feeling of dryness.

Wheat Proteins and Mixed Flowers Honey naturally contribute to the regeneration and deep hydration of the skin tissue. The result on the hands is a restored skin, soft, not irritated and with a pleasant natural smell.

Paraben Free. Nickel Tested. Cruelty Free.