Finibus Terrae Lycoemucrè Body Cream Regenerating 250ml

Finibus Terrae Lycoemucrè Body Cream Regenerating 250ml


Finibus Terrae Lycoemucrè is the first nourishing vitamin skin treatment which deeply and effectively nourishes and moisturizes. With innovative system to facilitate the penetration of the organic active ingredients, it works both on and under the surface of the skin. It visibly moisturizes, nourishes, relaxes, tones and softens the skin from the very first application.

Lycoemucrè Rigenera contains every essential antioxidant ingredient to counteract many types of
free radicals (main cause of skin ageing) and protect the integrity of collagen and elastin. With Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Wheat Germ Oil to provide the skin with the right amount of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, necessary for the wellbeing and renovation of the tissues.

With Lycopene encapsulated in Wheat Cerasome (Lyco cerasome), Vitamin A and E, Oleuropein, group B Vitamins, Tannins, Tocopherols and Flavonoids.

Suitable for every skin and particularly for aged and dry skin.

Preservative Free. Nickel Tested. Cruelty Free.