Finibus Terrae Sunscreen Cream SPF6 200ml

Finibus Terrae Sunscreen Cream SPF6 200ml


Finibus Terrae Lycosun Sunscreen helps to prevent the onset of wrinkles thanks to the properties of Lyco cerasome (Lycopene encapsulated in Wheat Cerasome), it prevents skin ageing and it is recommended for those who wish to intensify their tan.
The new exclusive Sunscreen system for UVA/UVB guarantees the proper protection without interfering with the suntan on a dark skin, which does not require excessive protection. Vegetable Oils (Jojoba Oil, Hazelnut Oil) and Beeswax guarantee a deep nourishing and smoothing action. Vegetable extracts of Coconut, Seaweed, and Lemon Balm secure, moisturize and guarantee a uniform and golden tanning.

Its light and non-oily texture allow a quick and perfect absorption. Suitable for both face and body of already tanned and dark skin.

Paraben Free. Nickel Tested.

Recommendation: use a fair quantity of cream evenly on face and body. Even if the product is water resistant, it is recommended a new application on dry skin after each swim.