G&G Vitamins Xtra Protecta 100g

G&G Vitamins Xtra Protecta 100g


Placed under the tongue, this sublingual supplement can be quickly absorbed for maximum and fast impact, bypassing the gut and making it possible for everyone to absorb the nutrition they need. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is also approved kosher and does not contain any allergens.

  • Ingredients: Vitamin A (acetate), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin D2, Vitamin E Natural, Vitamin B1 (thiamine HCl), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), Vitamin B5 (d-calcium pantothenate),  Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl), Folic acid (5-MTHF), Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), Choline bitartrate,  Inositol, Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), Magnesium (oxide), Di-Calcium (phosphate), Zinc (gluconate), Iron (gluconate), Potassium (gluconate), Iodine (Potassium iodide),  Selenium (L-selenomethionine), (Di-calcium phosphate, selenium), Chromium (picolinate), Manganese (gluconate), Molybdenum (Ammonium molybdate), Biotin, Phosphorus, (from Di-calcium phosphate), Beetroot powder, Silica dioxide, Orange powder, Orange flavour Bioflavanoids, Carrot powder, Shatavari root powder (asparagus), Spinach powder, Rice flour. 

This product is suitable for the following requirements:

  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Daily Intake Amount: 1 gram

Ingredient Amount % NRV*
Rice flour 160mg
Spinach powder 5mg
Shatavari root powder (asparagus) 5mg
Vitamin A (acetate) 351µg 44
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 234.5mg 293
Vitamin D2 1.2µg 24
Vitamin E 20.8 0mg 173
Vitamin B1 (thiamine HCl) 7.8mg 709
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 3.9mg 278.5
Bioflavanoids 7.8mg
Silica Dioxide 50mg
Orange powder 25mg
Beetroot powder 140mg
Phosphorus 10.4mg 1.5
Biotin 23.8µg 47.6
Molybdenum (Ammonium molybdate) 7.7µg 15.4
Manganese (gluconate) 1.6µg 0.08
Chromium (picolinate) 14.3µg 35.75
Selenium (L-selenomethionine) 15.5µg 31
Potassium iodide (iodide) 21.8µg 14.5
Potassium (gluconate) 7.8mg 39
Iron (gluconate) 1.6mg 11
Zinc (gluconate) 2.3mg 23
Magnesium (oxide) 18.7mg 5
Di-Calcium (phosphate) 18.7mg
Inositol 7.8mg
Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) 7.8mg
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) 7.7µg 308
Choline bitartrate 5mg
Folic acid (5-MTHF) 63µg 31.5
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl) 7.8mg 557
Vitamin B5 (d-calcium pantothenate) 30mg 500
Carrot powder 5mg
Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) 14.7mg 92

* NRV is the Nutrient Reference Value

✝ NRV not yet established

    This product is hypoallergenic / does not contain any of the 14 major allergens listed in Annex II (1169/2011) of the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation.

  • Weight/Volume (grammes/ml): 100g
  • Directions: Take 1-6 measures under the tongue daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. 1 gram equals approx. 1.5 measures or 0.5 a level teaspoon.
  • Additional Warnings: More than 1000mg of Vitamin C may cause mild stomach upset in sensitive individuals. Long term intake of this amount of Manganese may lead to muscle pain and fatigue. Long term intakes of this amount of Vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness. This product contains vitamin A. Do not take if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant, except on the advice of a doctor or ante-natal clinic.
  • Certified Glutenfree
  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Vegan
  • Certified Vegetarian
  • Glutenfree
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian