Healthpol Herbacet Herbal Hair Balsam 100ml

Healthpol Herbacet Herbal Hair Balsam 100ml


HERBACET is a unique blend of fresh herbs prepared to an old traditional recipe. HERBACET is not a shampoo or a conditioner (but cuts down on the use of both.) It is a non-greasy natural “food” for hair and scalp prepared from fresh plants rich in nutrients necessary to facilitate healthy scalp and beautiful looking hair.


has outstanding hair rejuvenating properties

promotes thick, healthy and strong hair

helps to improve and protect hair texture

helps to sustain existing hair growth thus reducing hair loss

is beneficial for the hair roots and makes hair softer, more flexible and easier to style

excellent for people who damage hair by “overdoing” on hairdressing practices

adds shine and vitality to damaged or mistreated hair

rejuvenates hair which looks dull, breaks or splits easily

makes scalp less prone to irritation by chemicals in hair products

promotes scalp hygiene by keeping the skin in good condition

excellent for greasy hair and skin prone to dandruff

suitable for men and women

can be used on permed or coloured hair and in pregnancy

produced to GMP standards (ISO 9001)

not tested on animals

suitable for vegans and vegetarians

packaged in fully recyclable materials; shelf life – 2 years


Shake the bottle well before use. Put your thumb across the bottle neck and sprinkle gently over the hair. Rub into the scalp and hair. Keep repeating until all scalp area is covered and moist. Leave it on for 30-45 min (the longer the better). For best results also rub into hair and hair ends. Apply one to three times a week before washing hair. There is no need to use hair conditioner afterwards.

One 100ml bottle of HERBACET will last on average 3-4 weeks