Higher Nature ZyloSweet 300g

Higher Nature ZyloSweet 300g


Looking for a healthier alternative to sugar? Sweeten teas, cakes and deserts with ZyloSweet. Made from Xylitol, ZyloSweet has 40% fewer calories than sugar (with just 9.6 calories per teaspoon) and a low glycaemic index, meaning it has minimal impact on blood glucose levels and can be safely used by diabetics. Boasting the same sweet taste as sugar but with fewer calories, this natural sugar alternative can also be used to support a weight management programme.


Replace sugar with equal quantities of ZyloSweet (Xylitol) in drinks and cooking.

One 4g teaspoon of Zylosweet typically provides:

Xylitol supplying 9.6 calories (40.2kJ).