Nutramedix Tangarana (Microbial Defence) 30ml

Nutramedix Tangarana (Microbial Defence) 30ml



Tangarana is a bark extract from the Palo santo tree (Triplaris peruviana) sourced from Peru. Tangarana is an effective anti-microbial which may be used in place of Samento, Banderol or Cumanda for sensitive individuals


Palo santo bark extract (Triplaris peruviana) 1.5ml per serving

Other ingredients:

Mineral water

Gluten free ethanol: 20-24% vol


None known.

Side Effects

None reported at the recommended dosage

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Do not use if pregnant or nursing

Recommended dosage and usage instructions

Place 1 to 30 drops in ½ glass of water (125ml) and wait one minute before drinking. Start with 1 drop twice daily (30 minutes before meals) increasing slowly up to 30 drops twice daily or as directed by your physician.



30 ml liquid.