Nutrivital - MenoBalance Plus 100ml

Nutrivital - MenoBalance Plus 100ml

Brand Name Nutrivital
Product Name MenoBalance Plus 100ml
Product ID NV-MENO
Categories: Women's Products
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  • Menopause formula with herbs used traditionally for support

Please note: our herbal blends are extracted in a mix of alcohol and water   


Black Cohosh(Cimicifuga racemosa), Dalmation sage leaf(Salvia officinalis), Hop(Humulus lupulus), Maca(Lepidium meyenii), Red Clover(Trifolium praetense)  

Per Daily Intake
Black Cohosh(Cimicifuga racemosa) 20 1.3
Dalmation sage leaf(Salvia officinalis) 20 1.3
Hop(Humulus lupulus) 20 1.3
Maca(Lepidium meyenii) 20 1.5
Red Clover(Trifolium praetense) 20 1.3