Pascoe pH Balance Test Strips

Pascoe pH Balance Test Strips


Are your urinary pH values OK? Test yourself using the leaflet and pH strips provided.


You can also use the strips to check yourself for the Alkaline Diet.

If you detect an imbalance pH Balance Tablets or pH Balance Powder are available to purchase to help correct and maintain your body's pH levels.

An inbalance can contribute to:

  • Sallow skin and brittle nails
  • Dull, lifeless hair

  • Feeling tired with lack of drive and energy

  • Feeling stiff when moving around

  • Finding it hard to concentrate

Directions for use :


  • Measure the pH of your urine 3 times during the day. Check whether you have too much acid.

  • Compare the colour of your test strip with the pH scale on the accompanying leaflet

  • Check yourself out for the Alkaline Diet, as featured in Look Magazine.

Ingredients :

21 Universal pH test strips.