Tigon Oregano P73 Cream 60ml

Tigon Oregano P73 Cream 60ml

Brand Name Tigon
Product Name Tigon Oregano P73 Cream 60ml
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Oreganol P73 Cream

Oreganol P73 Cream contains a unique blend of natural wild herbs spices and honey - just as mother nature intended - in a handy squeezable bottle.

It does not contain any thickening agents, artificial colours, fragrances or chemicals of any kind, and just a small amount is all you need per application.

Oreganol P73 cream cleanses the skin, and is great for fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, and lots, lots more.

Ideal for the face as this powerful rejuvenating formula contains potent natural anti-oxidants to slow down the aging process and helps keep skin soft and youthful looking.

Unlike expensive cosmetic brands that are full of man-made chemicals this cream is 100% natural. It contains:
- Wild oregano oil - a powerful germicide and anti-oxidant
- Canadian wild flower honey and propolis are natural antiseptic agents
- Wild lavender oil for a gentle pleasing fragrance
- Essence of Canadian Balsam and extra virgin olive oil to soften and sooth the skin

Presentation: 56ml bottle