ACTIVA Well-Being range : All-round Action

ACTIVA Well-Being range : All-round Action

If you like your natural health products to be infused with a little nerdery (i.e. the best that science can offer), the Activa Well-Being range is for you. This French company has spent years researching how different forms of nutrients interact with each other and with conditions in the human body to create products with maximal benefits for health.

Activa are careful about the ingredients they select, making sure to avoid antagonistic actions to form a synergistic product that exerts a broad spectrum of activities to support good health. The products are all based around a neutral xylitol core, so there are no binders or fillers that interact with the active ingredients and compromise benefits.

Activa also make sure to use standardized titrated dry extracts with a high level of active ingredients consistent across each product. Specialised coatings have also been developed to protect and control the release of active ingredients, as well as to mask any unpleasant tastes or odour.

The result? A patented pharmaceutical grade formulation known as Phytogranule Activa. This multiparticulate form passes intact through gastric acid so it can be broken down and absorbed in the intestine for maximum effect.

The time release nature of the phytogranule affords ongoing activity and allows for just one or two capsules a day, instead of needing multiple tablets that are rapidly broken down and excreted, wasting nutrients. Activa calculate that one microgranule capsule is the equivalent of five capsules of conventional powder, with every ingredient bioavailable and biocompatible.

Activa offer 100% natural products that are non-GMO, free of pesticides and artificial colourings and flavourings, and that have traceable active ingredients so you know exactly what you're getting. Each formulation is designed with balance in mind, so no product contains large amounts of one ingredient while paying lip service to another useful nutrient or nutrient source. Instead, Activa use a vectoring process to prioritise the actions of each nutrient to address specific physiological dysfunctions and offer long-term action.

This next generation of natural health products includes the Activa Chrono range, an innovative suite of products that are based on traditional herbal remedies. These fast-acting supplements are packaged for intermittent use and include:

  • Transit – featuring senna and cascara to help ease constipation
  • Circulation – featuring blueberry, bilberry, and other herbal extracts that support vascular tone
  • Stress - featuring Californian poppy, melatonin, and Lemon balm to sooth feelings of nervousness and support good sleep
  • Vitality – featuring ginseng, guarana, and acerola to support energy levels and relieve occasional fatigue.

Activa have also devised the innovative Human Structure range that provides basic building blocks for specific bodily systems and tissues, including OleaTonic Cerebral which provides polyunsaturated fatty acids that enhance neuron activity and without which the brain cannot function.

Other products in the Human Structure range include:

  • Glucidotonic Control – featuring nutrients that support glucose metabolism and blood sugar regulation to enhance energy availability and modulate appetite.
  • OleaTonic Metabolic – featuring ingredients like avocado oil and evening primrose oil to promote the breakdown of lipids in the gastrointestinal tract and skin.
  • H2Tonic Antioxidant – a powerhouse of free radical-fighters to guard against oxidative damage that can cause premature ageing including skin problems and organ dysfunction.
  • Proteatonic Regulation – combining the main amino acids involved in bodily processes, including healing, immune function, mood regulation, physical performance and musculoskeletal health.

Activa also offer a Well-Being range to support all-round health and wellness, as well as a Nutri Range with impressive diversity. These products target specific issues such as premenstrual syndrome, jet lag, allergies and sinus congestion, back aches, sports injury, and low mood or emotional upheaval.

The minds behind Activa Well-Being have clearly been hard at work devising formulas that offer synergistic elements that help restore balance.